Benefits of Algar Geothermal’s Technology:

  • Availability of Wells: Because Algar’s technology can use a relatively low downhole temperature, (a minimum of 60oC is adequate) more wells qualify for use.
  • Lower Risk: Algar’s closed loop system guarantees the heat source, while isolating the system from the geological formation.
  • Lower Cost: Candidate wells are already drilled and serviced, and can be easily converted for use as a geothermal heat source.
  • Simple Infrastructure: Low pressure water piping and simple pumping equipment is used in the system.
  • Little or No Environmental Impact: The system is deployed in a sealed well, it is a closed loop system with no interaction with the external environment.
  • No contamination from the water table: Because we use a closed loop system, there is no corrosion from brine or other contaminants commonly found at depth. Equipment is isolated from harsh contaminants and should provide long service life.
  • Algar’s technology can easily integrate with an existing heating system.
  • Equipment Issues: Low maintenance due to clean heat transfer medium.
  • Lower Operating costs: Commonly used material and equipment used.

The estimated heating potential of an installation, based on the following well attributes:

Well depth of 2,500 – 3,000m
• Downhole temperature of 60 degrees C
• Wellhead recovery of 36-45 degrees C
• Heat Generated: 1 Gj/hour
• Annual heat generation= 4,000 Gj/year

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