The attributes of the ideal candidate well and the well owner for Agar Geothermal's technology

Unfortunately, many out of service wells do not qualify for use with Algar’s technology. Wells that have a majority of the following attributes have the best chance to succeed as a pilot test or heat gathering project.

Properties of the ideal candidate well:

  • Located within 500 m of the facility that would use the heat energy; such as a greenhouse barn, or other commercial facility
  • Be out of service, not abandoned or filled with concrete, but plugged at the bottom and filled with anti-corrosive solution such as water mixed with diesel fuel, that can be easily disposed of
  • Has a minimum depth of 2500 to 3000 metres
  • The down hole temperature should be a minimum of 50 degrees C
  • Close to electrical utilities, to power the facilities, pumps, and SCADA systems
  • The heat from the well should not cross a roadway, railway or any other right of way if possible
  • The inside diameter of the casing should be 7 inches or greater
  • Have an inspection of the casing that is has been done in the last 10 years
  • The well should be 15 years old or younger
  • The soil around the well must be free of all contamination
  • There should be documentation of the environmental cleanup and decommissioning of the well

The Ideal Well Owner Attributes:

  • The sole owner of the well, or ownership of the well should be easy to determine
  • Able to converse via Zoom
  • Open to innovation and new technology
  • Have a staff member or group that manages out of service oil wells
  • Have a database of out of service wells or access to a program like geoSCOUT 
  • Supply an operator to supervise the well once it is in production
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