Well configuration

Algar’s Technology is based on a wellbore that is isolated from the geological formation. The well is plugged at the bottom. The fluid used to transfer the heat is isolated from the geological formation. Essentially, it is a pipe within a pipe. Due to the proprietary nature of our technology, this outline is a simplified overview of our solution. Contact us to complete a non-disclosure agreement and learn more.

The inner pipe is used to circulate fluid from the bottom of the wellbore to the surface of the earth. Algar’s design includes areas where the inner pipe is insulated to retain the heat energy that is being harvested from the bottom of the well.

Potential Heat Extraction

Given the vertical depth of the well in meters, this is estimated temperature that can be extracted, and the annual energy output in gigajoules.

For more information

The detailed design is proprietary, and is available upon approval from Algar Geothermal. To learn more about investing in Algar Geothermal click here.

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