Over the winter months Algar Geothermal has been busy determining the best way to move our technology forward. Here’s what’s new:


  • Designing system enhancements to optimize heat recovery
  • Developing a rescue plan for a troubled alternative energy project – presenting soon
  • Meeting with potential partner companies and investors –
  • Algar has been selected as the only Canadian company to present at the SLB Digital Forum in Monaco, September 16-19 2024 (SLB Digital Forum website)
  • Attended the University of Calgary 2024 Geothermal Workshop on May 14, 2024 (University of Calgary Workshop website)
  • Applied for funding with Emissions Reduction Alberta – Industrial Transformation Challenge (not successful but received good feedback)

What’s next:

  • Preparation for the SLB Digital Forum
  • Presentations to potential partners and investors – focusing on de-risking projects
  • Seeking pilot project locations
  • Developing economic analysis for several project scenarios
  • Exploring insurance options for the pilot project to lower the risk for investors – working with Gallagher Insurance Calgary
  • Tentative: Bench testing a scale model of our process to prove out our process

For more information:

Obviously there is only so much we can discuss on this page. Why not reach out to us on our contact page – click here to contact us

Want to learn more?

The Algar Geothermal Advantage – Economic Benefits

In today’s economic climate, anything that can be done to reduce the cost of food products and increase food security is a bonus. Here’s how Algar Geothermal can provide economic benefits to Alberta, Canada and indeed anyone that uses Algar’s technology:

  • Investment capital will flow to the Agri-tech industry to build new facilities or expand existing ones
  • Alberta’s Agri-tech industry will be more cost competitive with imported products due to lower energy costs, and a longer growing season.
  • Innovation will come to Alberta’s Agri-tech industry as products are produced in areas where growing seasons were too short, and facility heating was too expensive
  • The direct employment that will be supported by implementation of the project:
    • creation of new temporary and permanent jobs for oilfield services companies that install the equipment
    • suppliers of materials
    • retention of the Agri-tech workforce
    • Employment opportunities in the community
    • Support of operator/contractors to monitor and run the heating systems
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