Benefits of Geothermal energy:

  • Low environmental impact
  • Readily available
  • Using out of service oil and gas wells
  • Using available infrastructure and technology
  • Commercial opportunities and beyond
  • The path forward

Lower environmental

Geothermal heat sources don’t have the environmental impact and the land usage issues that solar panels and wind farms have. The image to the right is an example of what an Algar Geothermal installation may look like. Landowners and citizens are increasingly protesting the use of land for solar farms, and some projects are not receiving valuable social support.

Geothermal heat is eternally available

Unlike other energy sources, you can’t run out of geothermal heat. As long as the earth exists, geothermal energy will be available. The fine point is in optimizing the heat extraction process to ensure that you have enough heat to be commercially viable.

Putting out of service oil and gas wells back to work

As fossil fuels are depleted from a well, it is taken out of production. This presents a unique an opportunity for Algar’s patented technology to extract energy from these wells to heat greenhouses, barns, fish farms, mushroom plants, any facility within 500 metres of a wellhead.

Simple technology

The technology and materials used to extract the heat are simple, well known and readily available. From entry into the well to connecting to the customer, Algar’s technologies uses existing expertise, materials, and construction techniques.

Commercial applications

Greenhouses and other agricultural facilities will benefit from Algar’s technology by creating a net zero heating solution. The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, lower energy costs, and new potential for increased production all add up to a more secure food infrastructure. Algar’s our studies show that technical innovations create sufficient heat energy to reduce a natural gas consumption at a greenhouse by 60%.

The possibilities are endless

The path forward

Algar Geothermal is working with the AER, a strong advisory board, and industry partners to complete their first pilot project. Several sites have been identified and one will be selected by the end of 2023. The planned start date for the pilot project is June 1, 2024. Won’t you join us in the development of this amazing opportunity? Click here to go to our contact page, and leave your contact information.

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